I met an interesting person the other day. We were waiting for a meeting, so we chatted a little about the weather and life in general. I asked him what his general goal in life was, just as a "get-to-know-you" question. He looked at me oddly, then shrugged and said, "I dunno...land a director or VP job before I'm 50". We chuckled for a bit, but the tone of his response started me to thinking about things.

Can exposure to society cause a person to lose touch with their spirituality? That's the question my mind kept coming back to. Perhaps this businessman I was talking to felt uncomfortable talking about more personal things, but when I listened to him, it seemed like more than that. It seemed as if something had leeched him of the desire to grow spiritually. His hesitancy in answering the question kept me from probing further.

Because of that one interaction, I've been looking at people in a slightly different light recently. Maybe it's just the age we're living in, but quite a few of the people I have met seem blind to matters of the spirit. I don't mean to say that I see a bunch of soulless, inhumanly pragmatic people walking the streets. It just seems that as technology brings the world together, and life gets more hectic, there's less focus on matters of the soul. It's not distressing, but it is a little sad.

Does this sound familiar, or am I just imagining things?