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An Evening in the City – Fine Food and Fine Brew at L’Amère à Boire
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But first the notion that man has a body distinct from his soul, is to be expunged: this I shall do, by printing in the infernal method, by corrosives, which in Hell are salutary and medicinal, melting apparent surfaces away, and displaying the infinite which was hid.


We are in strange waters here, where all the usual considerations may be reversed - where illness may be wellness, and normality illness, where excitement may be either bondage or release, and where reality may lie in ebriety, not sobriety. It is the very realm of Cupid and Dionysus.


...that one place we each have that keeps sucking us back in, that keeps sucking us back down. It could be a home town, a college town, a neighborhood, whatever--what it really is is the place where, when you're there, you're not allowed to reinvent or improve yourself. Your friends, your associates, won't let you. Your memories won't allow it.

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