A fictional character created by Robert A. Heinlein.

Full Name: Maureen Johnson Long

Also: Maureen Smith

Daughter of Ira Johnson, Maureen married Brian Smith and was the mother of many children, including Woodrow Wilson Smith, better known as Lazarus Long. In 1916 Lazarus Long traveled into the past disguised as Theodore Bronson, and became Maureen’s lover. Maureen Johnson’s pursuits were mainly domestic until after she divorced Brian Smith (after he replaced her with his daughter-in-law Marian). She then got her doctorate and became a director of Harriman Industries and was a proponent of the first moon voyage. She was rescued by Gay Deceiver when she supposedly died in a car accident and joined the Long family and the Time Corps.

Maureen appears in Time Enough for Love, The Number of the Beast, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset.