I wrote this writeup as a conversation piece.

I did not fail physics, like you all must think. I misunderstood a story, what actually happened is that they were able to pass a waveform of particles into one end of a superconductor, and reconstruct the entire waveform at the other end before the entire waveform got through the superconductor, effectively transmitting information faster than the speed of light, even though nothing actually travelled faster than the speed of light.

My bad, hats off to you, Pseudomancer, for dissecting my writeup.

Preserved for posterity, and so that Pseudomancer's writeup still makes sense, is my original writeup below.

Albert Einstein's greatest thought was the theory of relativity -- that everything is relative and that the point of view you take makes a difference in any experiment, more or less. Extensions of the theory of relativity are how Einstein deduced that a person, travelling in a spaceship moving at really high speeds, would age less quickly than a person at rest, or even at a slower speed. Einstein also believed that the intergalactic speed limit was the speed of light. This, however, is erroneous, since recently we were able to accelerate a particle to several times the speed of light. Einstein believed this to be true since he theorized that the closer you got to the speed of light, the more relative mass the object had and greater acceleration was needed to move closer to the speed of light. At the speed of light, mass was infinite and negligible at the same time. If we consider the relative mass of an object on a graph, we could think of the speed of light as being the asymptote for that mass.. and that perhaps on the other side of that asymptote, relative mass decreases similarly. Thus, by this consideration, the faster you go after you jump over the speed of light, the easier it would be to accelerate. Oh, I do think that Einstein was right.. energy might not be able to travel faster than the speed of light.. but matter surely can. Interesting consideration, don't you think..?