It's been 2 days since my last dose of Effexor. I climb into my car, where I can be loud and no one can hear me. I allow all of the indignant rage accumulated since the last point I let it all out build up at the very center of my being. I let forth a torrent of absolute fury, visualizing it ripping away all that embodies the memeplex that we call "Effexor", its black tendrils of nullifying ennui being torn away from my mind, back to the phamaceutical abyss from which it emerged.

"Effexor! I command thee! Begone from my body! Effexor! Leave my body alone! Stay away from my body!
Stay away from my mind! Begone!
Let my emotions flow! Give me back my creativity!
Effexor! I command thee! Begone from my body!
Give me back my motivation! Give me back my life!
Give me back my imagination! Begone from my body!"

I am the supreme master of my own mind and body in that moment. No pretended biological, endocrine, or technocratic manipulation can alter my authority in this moment. I have transcended being a lethargic, drugged up zombie. New avenues of life open up to me.

Suddenly, colors seem more vibrant. Emotions flow through me unhindered. I turn on music, and it sounds wonderful. I walk into the animal clinic to pick up medicine for my mother's dog. Instead of completing the task like an automaton, neither smiling nor frowning, not really paying attention to the people around me except as needed, I am more than a slave to my endocrine system. I flirt with the clerk. I compliment her on her shirt. She smiles back. I pet the dog beside me and ask the owner its name. Withdrawl effects are mere distractions which occasionally bother the body, but cannot touch the invincible spirit I have unchained.

If it comes back to bother me again, I will banish it once more. There will be no tapering of dosages, no advice from shrinks, just utter conquering of anything which harms me.