In universal terms, it is the act of differential treatment of an individual or group based on their membership or association with a particular group. This group does not have to be official, or have any physical component. In some cases, this group is perceived.

Often this is seen in large form as racism and sexism - legally/politcally called racial and sexual discrimination. Other lesser-known (but just as important) forms of discrimination are based on age, creed, religion and your actions. This has given discrimination a bad name, and rightfully so.

Often it is linked to stereotyping and prejudice. However please take note that discrimination is not intrinsically bad. For instance, you can "discriminate" by hiring a hard working person to paint the fence of a lazy bum. Is this a bad thing? Hell no!

With this knowledge you are morally denied becoming a redneck witch hunter ready to get the tar and feathers out whenever somebody yells discrimination. God knows I hate action fuelled by ignorance.