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"All your dreams will come true. All my dreams came true... but now I have a bunch of other dreams." -- Sonic Youth
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Those who have abandoned their dreams will discourage yours
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Nick Drake is like curling up in a comfy sweater, getting weepy, and crying into the sleeves. Leonard Cohen is like going out and drinking until you've killed millions of brain cells, ranting loudly to a fellow drunkard about how fucked up your parents were, then waking up the next morning and finding that your head feels like it's been backed over repeatedly by an '89 Yugo. Me, I'll take the sweater.

I don't drive a Miata to be macho. Or to be noticed (I hate being noticed). I drive it because I can open the roof, feel a gale of wind through my floppy hair, and feel the sun smiling on me. And once in a while, I smile back.

I'm not a geek. But I'm an extreme introvert, a programmer who's spent most of his waking hours around computers for many years. Don't know what that makes me.

I just turned 25. I think I'm having a mid-life crisis. Or maybe not.

It's 2:30 AM. I'm tired.