A term I overheard while waiting in the massage parlor for my mother to finish her daily dose of luxury. Of course, my curiousity just had to be sated as to what exactly a "ticklee" was. Anxious to get to the fact of the matter, I whipped out some rhetoric, and subtly persuaded a Phoebe-from-friends-look-alike masseuse (clad in a flowy summer dress and rose quartz crystals banging against her cleavage as she rhythmically swayed) to divulge the dirty little secrets of her profession.

Apparently, people prone to bouts of the tickles fall into four categories: first degree, second degree, third degree, and the tickle addict. I find it amusing that the masseuses of the world use a system of classification akin to burn victims. :-)

The First Degree Ticklee

Only occasionally ticklish. The masseuse estimated that about 50% of the people she services fall into this category. For the most part, their backs (and other body parts) don't react to normal touch, but the tell tale feather stroke or armpit brush will garner a reaction. For those of you that fall into this category, the light and sparing use of oil and powder is recommended.

The Second Degree Ticklee

These people are the ones in public who will identify themselves as being ticklish. They have definite ticklish spots, ones that will get a chortle from even the most innocent touch. Firm pressure is recommended for those that are a part of this group.

The Third Degree Ticklee

Now these people are the ones that often fell privy to tickle wars in their childhoods. The ones that you got sick amusement out of holding by their ankles and tickling their feet with no regard until they cried, "Uncle! Uncle!" These people are truly unlucky, not only because of inevitable childhood torture, but because giving them a massage is the trickiest thing of all. Only a deep, pressure point massage can elude no response from these sensitive folk.

The Tickle Aficionado

Both a masseuse's and the ideal lover's wet dream. These people like nothing better than to be lightly and delicately stroked on their back with a large peacock feather for hours. Orgasmic delight included (Of course, there are other places to stroke these ultra-sensitive skinned people, but that is the subject of a different node). These are the easiest people to cater to.

That said, what category do you belong to? And would you give me a massage?