Phone call. It’s her.

  ‘Um, hello?’ 

“You’re way too close to him in that picture, K.”

  Knew she’d see the picture.  

“And you look way too pretty.”

 Where is she going with this?

‘I do?’

 “And he looks a little too happy.”

 Shit. Think fast.

 ‘You know how Adrian is, Anna. He smiles a lot.’

 Damn, hesitation. Was it noticeable? Will she buy it?

 “I know. I just…I love him a lot. You know?”

 Almost like an invisible command, that dreaded ton of bricks drops in my stomach.

 ‘Yeah...How is that working out?’

 “It’s not. He’s my best friend. Well, he used to be anyway. We haven’t been talking much lately. I think he’s avoiding me.”


 ‘Nah, I don’t think so, why would he do that?’

 “I don’t know, maybe he figured it out. You know, that I’m in love with him. And maybe he doesn’t feel the same way.”

 You have no idea how right you are, dear sweet Anna.

 ‘Where would he get that idea? Come on, don’t be silly.’

 “I’m serious, K. He never  takes his phone calls anymore. And, he was online before. I messaged, but he didn’t reply.”

 That’s because he was preoccupied.


 I hate lying, but what else can I do?

 'You know, his internet connection is unreliable. He probably didn’t get your message. Besides, his computer needs a major upgrade.'

 Fingers crossed.

 "Well…I guess you’re right. I am being stupid about this, aren’t I?"


 'Yes you are. Don’t worry so much, okay?'

 "Thanks, K, you’re a good friend. Where are you anyway? I tried calling at home first, no one answered."


 'Um, I’m at an aunt’s house for dinner. You know those horrid things mom loves to torture me with. Speaking of which, she’s yelling, so I kind of have to go now.'

 "Okay. I think I’m going to go to bed. I love you much. Bye.”

 That was way too close.

 ‘Bye, you. Sleep well.’

 The phone clicks off.


Barely a second later, a pair of strong, familiar arms circle my waist from behind; those warm lips attack my neck with soft, tender kisses.

 “Adrian…” I whisper.

 ‘Shhh, don’t say a word’, comes the murmured reply from the top of my shoulder.

 “But Anna lov…”

I’m cut off mid-way when his lips attack mine delicately, his fingers tracing goose bumps up my back with their feverish dance across my sensitive skin.

 ‘What’s that?’ he teases, gazing into my eyes, with that perfect innocent expression I find so endearing.

 "I’m saying that Ann-"

Sharp intake of breath. The way his tongue lightly traces the outline of my lips has me intoxicated.

 "I love you", he whispers in my ear. Dangerously. Seductively.


Is it fair for him to love me when she craves his touch?

Is it fair to let  him love me when she craves his touch?

His lips find mine in a long, lingering kiss, and the infinitesimal moment of doubt dissipates, as I finally succumb.

- x -