First off, I'm stupid. I don't get it.

Why would many religous organizations have to adjust their beliefs? I don't see any clear-cut evidence that the aliens pretended to be a Son of God and preached love and charity and stuff or pretended to be Enlightened and teached love and charity and stuff. And I always attributed relucancy for adopting the heliocentric model to political/social control from the Pope and a general skepticism in the scientific community. People had believed the Earth was the center of the Universe for thousands of years. Why immediately accept this new theory?

As for the Contact view of religion- I don't get that at all. With Buddhism nothing conflicts if they were another intelligent species. I don't know much about Hinduism but what I do know doesn't conflict. As for Christianity, the Bible doesn't mention humans being the only creatures God created. The Bible doesn't mention anything about atoms or the sky being blue either. In fact, Jesus is constantly refered to as the Son of Man. Kind of eerie when you consider this kind of situation. What if the other civilization also had a belief in a physical offspring of a supernatural being? Could that possibly be proof for the existance of a god or God? Nowhere in the Bible does it say "and God created Man, the only intelligent animal in the entire cosmos". Where did people come up with that? Someone needs to create a Christian Urban Legends node.

You may also want to consider that Rosewell really started to attract attention when the military released that they did in fact find an alien spacecraft. Though they retracted it soon after, for a good while the entire world believed that there were in fact aliens. Does anybody know what kind of things happened? It'd be perfect info for this node. Were there any riots? suicides? mass panic? etc?