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Welcome to my piece of E2. I'm brand new to this place, but am here to leave my mark.

UPDATE: I'm probably not here to make my mark. I like E2 but it's a little constrictive for me right now. Maybe someday I'll come here and impart what little knowledge I have to you "intellectual giants" but until then I might work on my own website ----
Visit if you want, its a freesite so it probably won't be pretty. So long, E2, I'll keep visiting, but probably won't post.

About me:
I live in GA and I'm named after Alexander Stephens the Veep of the Confederacy. My mission is to get better every day, but also to have little to no factual write-ups. I'll leave that to all of you smarty-pants out there. Instead I want to give this place a little color and maybe a little humor. I probably won't last 5 minutes, but it's not going to stop me from trying. Peace out!

Proud Bush supporter! You have to love a guy that wakes up every morning, scratches his balls, and thinks up new ways to kill terrorists. The UN is for wussies, America needs to defend itself -- they are targeting us, we need to target them.