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Why do people procrastinate?  Wouldn't it make more sense to get whatever it is that needs to be done now and stop thinking about it, instead of worrying about it until the last minute and then rushing to get it done?  The key is that procrastination is really a combination of passing the buck and retribution.

Those of us who are procrastinators have a view of the world which even they may not realize.  The procrastinator does not view himself as a single person, but instead, as three.  There is the Past Guy, the Present Guy and the Future Guy.  The catch is that the procrastinator can only control Present Guy.  What ends up happening is that Present Guy has some task to complete, but hopes that someone will come along and do it for him, thus deciding to leave it for Future Guy.  But, it's a trap!  The task never arrives for Future Guy, but instead for Present Guy, who now has to deal with it in a hurry.  All Present Guy sees is that it is Past Guy's fault for not doing it himself.  So, Present Guy is angry with Past Guy and decides that since he can't screw Past Guy, he might as well screw Future Guy.  Thus creating a perpetuating cycle of screw the Future Guy that never ends.

I can't quite recall, but this might not be an original idea of mine... maybe Seinfeld? If you can provide me with a web link, I'll be sure to say nice things about you here. :)