Learning Gulf Arabic:

and - wa
Hello - as-salaamu alai-kum.
Reply - wa alai-kum as-salaam.

How are you?(to male) - kaif Haal-ak
How are you?(to female) - kaif Haal-ich
How are you?(to group) - kaif Haal-kum
What (is) your news?(to male) - aish akhbaar-ak
What (is) your news?(to female) - aish akhbaar-ich

welcome, hello - ahlan wa sahlan
reply - ahlan bii-(k, ich, kum)

goodbye - ma:a s-salaamah
reply - fii amaan Al-laah

Arabic only seems hard because of the variations and particulars in pronunciation from our Western languages. That, and there are some rules that vary from English, like gender rules.