Or rather, “dueSouth theme songs”. There are three versions of the song that have been used in the TV series dueSouth.

The first version, used at the beginning of the show’s run, has lyrics. The second version is basically the first version without lyrics, but the third version, used later in the series, is a distinct variation on the second version. It has much more of a rock feel than the first two, but maintains part of the Country and Western feel that was very strong in the first and second versions.

The first version is 3 minutes 13 long. The second is 1 minute 50 long. The third is 1 minute 52 long.

Confusingly they are all called “dueSouth Theme”, and all are performed by Jay Semko and all co-written by Jay Semko and Bryan Potvin.

The first two versions of the theme can be found on dueSouth: The Original Television Soundtrack CD. The third version can be found on dueSouth, Volume II: The Original Television Soundtrack CD.