Hey, It's --OutpostMir--, bringing High School Geometry and Algebra student everywhere this nifty way to blaze right through linear equation problems using those wonderful bracketed sets we all call matrices!

Very Important Note: Be cool, and learn how to do these the hard way first before using this method. That way your teacher won't get pissed because you didn't do it their way.

Also, this assumes you have a TI-8x graphing calculator. If not, I'm sorry, but I can't help.

Here's the problem:

And here's how to solve:
1) First type 2nd and x-1. This takes you to the Matrix screen. Scroll over to "Edit" and hit Enter

2) First we need to define the size of the matrix. hit 2 and Enter and 2 and Enter. Enter the coefficients of the variables in the linear equations into the matrix. Once you are done hit 2nd and x-1 again to go back to the matrices screen.

3) Scroll over to Edit and chose the second menu choice. This time create a 2x1 matrix and fill it with the numbers on the other side of your equal sign. When your done, hit 2nd+mode to quit to the home screen.

4) The easiest part. Hit 2nd+x-1 and choose the first option on this screen. Hit the x-1 key,and then go back to the matrix menu and chose matrix B. Hit enter.

If you did everything right, the values for X (top number) and Y (bottom number) will automagicly appear on screen! Huzzah! You did it!