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Hm. What now?

Warning: call is no longer solely responsible for the actions of (c)all.

A note from call

Lyrics are a problem.

Not only are there issues regarding copyrights, but there's a more fundamntal problem, which is that to node lyrics is to advance in the Everything2 level system based on the creativity and work of another. It doesn't feel right, and so I'm not going to do it anymore.

However, lyrics do belong on the database, with or without explication. They're information, and they're useful and valuable for all the reasons we're already familiar with, for all the reasons we love to read and recite and sing them, to pen them lovingly on stationery in idle moments during classes, lectures and meetings. They should be noded.

So here's where (c)all steps in. He's my masochistic evil slave boy. He'll do all the dirty work, and he'll take all the blame, and all the credit. Maybe he won't explicate as much as I would do, but he'll try.

He'll also be participating in seeminly blatantly NFN activities which just happen to be good for the integrity of the database, but don't really deserve to count towards anyone's writeup count, such as simple album track listings. In this way, (c)all gets to practice XP stoicism by repeatedly punching himself, while call gets to practice a form of Numbers stoicism.

And if anyone else should happen to want to add any explication to anything he's noded, but don't feel they can justify an extra writeup with just a little additional material, then /msg call, and I'll give you the source for the lyrics and request (c)all's writeup be nuked. If you're nice about it, that is :)

Long live the database! XP is for losers!


Filling in the gaps, current hit list includes:

Props to other valiant noders true to the lyrics noding cause:


a noder says re Fell in Love With a Girl: i downvoted this write-up because i fucking hate this song. it makes me want to torture and maim people. it makes my head hurt and it is crap. so there.