Owner of Zio's Italian Deli in Jackson, CA.

And of course, a C module implementing a generic interface to input byte streams. Written in ANSI C, and should be completely portable.

A USB digital datacard reader, useful for digital cameras, MP3 players, recorders and other digital storage devices. Sold by Microtech, there are varieties for reading SmartMedia, MultiMedia, and CompactFlash cards, the three main standards in removable memory cards for digital devices. The devices are pretty small, about two inches on either side and only half an inch thick. The multiple varieties are compatible with Windows or Mac, and can either plug directly into a USB port or using the included one meter USB cable.

The advantages of such a reader for a digital camera (which is how I use mine) include not needing to have the camera on or even present in order to load images onto my computer, and the speed of USB over a serial connection. I've been very happy using my Zio reader/writer and would give them a positive recommendation.

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