japanese word meaning "everything"

so, "niban zenbu dotto kommu" would translate into english as "everything2.com" just thought youd like to know.

zenbu is of course, the polite form of the word.
never thought "everything" would have an impolite form? well, the japanese have a slang, or colloquial, form of the word

"zen zen"

this is the pronoun form of the more noun like zenbu, but is gaining popularity amongst the japanese youth as the term to use.

"zen zen" isnt, however, a completely new word.
in fact, in a way, it always meant "everything".
it was, until recently, the negative of "everything" effectively "nothing".


"zen zen wakaranai"
"i know nothing"

"zen zen chigou"
"everything is different"

and so, parroting what id heard and thought i understood, i said,
"zen zen daijobu"
"everything is OK"
to my japanese language teacher.
this turned out to be rather a paradox, as i was quickly assigned more homework.
it seems the correct use of japanese is more important to her than my ability to communicate with a person i meet on the street.

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