A long time ago, there was a man. He was a very short man. Three feet and seven inches tall, to be exact. He was an outcast as a child, a loner as a teenager, and a bitter little man as an adult. This short man found himself not only unsatisfied with his height, but also with his monotonous life. Every day it was the same, and he felt like a robot, even though this was far before the days of robotics. He knew something was missing, but wasn't sure what.

Every day after work, he would go on a long walk, thinking it would eventually lead him to whatever it was that he was looking for.

He never found it.

But on one of these walks, he stumbled upon a lonely looking tower. Into the tower he wandered. He was in awe; the tower reached to the sky, similar to the way that rugs usually do not. At that moment, there was a thunderous boom. The tower was falling! The door he had walked through was now rapidly sinking into the ground. There was no escape! Or was there? He spotted a window at the very top of the tower. "If I can jump up to that window on these conveniently placed red brick platforms," he thought, "I just might make it out of here."

Up and up he jumped. Soon, the tower was falling even faster. He kept jumping, jump jump jump. The window was in sight! The man was ecstatic.

Then he slipped and fell.

He died.

xjump is a game written for the X Window System. In it, you replay the final minutes of this humble man's life. It is a simple but highly addictive game, and can consume many hours of one's day. The goal is to get as high as you can, while the tower falls faster and faster.

It is fairly simple to make themes for xjump, just pull out a conveniently free image manipulator and edit the default pixmap to your liking.

It can be tough to find the source for xjump, so search http://packages.debian.org/ if you want it.

Please, defeat this falling tower in honor of the brave man who lost his life trying.

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