Another window manager for the X window system. WMX is the "bloatware" version of WM2, the minimalistic window manager. But it's still one of the smallest, least intrusive window managers out there.

It's probably best to describe WMX in terms of the features it lacks, compared to most window managers.

Icons are deemed a waste of space and memory. Hidden windows stay hidden. Read about the wmx window selection menu to understand how you can still get at them.
Restart window manager
You can't restart wmx, or any other wm. Then again, if you wanted to use some other wm, you would have. And there's no reason to restart wmx.
Configuration file
There's no configuration file syntax to learn. There is a configurable wmx program launch menu, but you probably want to use some other program (like TkDesk, or xterm) to start other X clients.
Graphic pager
wmx doesn't have a beautiful pager. It has a number of "channels" (1 more than the number you're actually using), which you flip through using the middle mouse button in the top right area of the screen. Comes complete with a cheesy TV-like channel number display.
Background management
You know where to get xsetroot and xli if you need them. And no, it doesn't have themes!

Apart from that, wmx has some keyboard control (Emacs weenies like myself are advised to change the control key away from Alt; I use Mod4, which are the "Super" keys on my system).

To change the behaviour of most things in wmx, you need to recompile it. But the latest version does have a symbolic link you can use to change options dynamically.

Even window borders are unorthodox! The right and bottom of the window are completely undecorated. There's a titlebar arranged vertically around the left side, and a small border along the top of the window. Apart from that, nothing. The current window is distinguished by having a fuller border.

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