I am in the woods today thinking about my dream.

It is sunny today and the woods is like my dream. Lit like diamonds. The water on the moss is nearly blinding and the moss draped on the trees drips light.

Oh! There is a creature.

Hmmm. It is not moving. It's naked. It's small -- about six inches.

Ten inches.



How cute! you can try to puff yourself up all you want but you are still six inches.

Hmmm. It can sulk.

You aren't a rat. What are you?

Well, whatever you are, you are really cold. Here. Raisins, chocolate, nuts.


Here they are.


Don't like almonds, huh? Here. Ok, this is a towel. Dry yourself off a bit.

You rub me.

I don't think so. I don't handle wild creatures. Especially talking ones.

You don't love me!

Of course I don't.

You don't appeal anyhow! Too old!

Snort. Be a bit much for a tiny thing like you. Though of course you may be poisonous. And you are reinforcing my not handling strange creatures.

Go ahead, sulk while you are drying yourself off. Short tail. Not a rat. More in the weasel family. Ah, nice smile and those are sharp little teeth. Well, there are naked mole rats, why not naked weasels? I see that you are willing to eat nuts after all, even almonds. I'll leave you the towel and the nuts. Good luck.

You are too old. White hair. Female. Horrid.

And you're very welcome, little nasty. I'm off.

It seems like a strange day. But the woods are so beautiful. I think I will walk for a good while yet.

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