They are the result of accelerated oil secretions, compounded by microbial infection. While acne is hereditary to some degree, stress is also a contributor. In addition, many women often suffer symptoms during their menstrual periods. The white head is the classic pimple it stands out of the skin filled with white puss. It is very tempting to pop it, but this will only spread the infection. If it hurts place a cloth soaked in hot water on it, this will pop it without scaring, next wash your face and dab rubbing alcohol over the area.

White heads can be caused by too much makeup or changes in diet or just plain bad luck. People with white heads are not (in most cases) excessively dirty. The common wisdom that washing your face will cure this is only true to a point. Washing your face more than three times a day can lead to dry flaky skin which will cause more white heads.

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