Type of wizard from The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. Unlike normal wizards who now only possess additive magic, a war wizard possesses both additive and subtractive magic. That's not to say that a normal wizard can't possess both additive and subtractive- they just don't anymore because subtractive magic has pretty much died out. In addition, a normal wizard may be taught how to use his powers. A war wizard is usually unsuccessful when he tries to learn through normal lessons. A war wizard's powers come from his instincts, and this often makes him more powerful because he can use spells that most other people can't. It's for these reasons that he is the leader in wars (which is also where the name comes from).

Richard Cypher (Richard Rahl) is a war wizard. He possesses both additive and subtractive magic because Darken Rahl raped his mother, who was the daughter of Zeddicus Zul Zorander, the First Wizard. So Richard's mother got the additive side from Zedd, and the subtractive side from Rahl (who was not born with that magic but rather earned it from the Keeper), and passed them both on to her son, Richard. Richard is the first war wizard in over a thousand years.

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