aka Vertical Lookup. @VLOOKUP is a function in Microsoft Excel that is a useful tool for collating data from different spreadsheets.

@VLOOKUP is written with four arguments. It (a) reads the first argument (the 'look-up' variable), (b) goes to the array defined in the second argument, (c) checks to see where in the left-most column of the array the look-up variable exists, and (d) returns the value that is the intersection of the row of the look-up variable and the column defined by the third argument. If the fourth argument is TRUE then it will select from the row where the value in the left-most column most closely resembes the look-up value. If the fourth argument is FALSE, then if an exact match can't be made it will return a #N/A error.

The function below will return whatever is in the second column of a spreadsheet named 'Assets', which is in the row where the cell in the left most column equals whatever is in cell A1 of the current sheet.


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