The Visual Thesaurus is a self-labelled Java Maplet created by PlumbDesign from a ThinkMap Engine.

The thesaurus uses data from the Wordnet database at the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University. Clicking on words linked like a molecular model, one can word associate and explore the connections between words and phrases.

When I first discovered it, all my complaints about the Web vanished. It is one of the most underrated creations out there, and should be utilised more often.

The Visual Thesaurus is just about the only thing more brilliant than Everything, and the only thing more brilliant than that would be if it was incorporated with Everything2, especially with the softlinks.

If you take a look at it, it has a noun/adverb/verb/adjective emphasis that could be transferred to person/place/idea/thing for writeups. There's also an AutoNavigate function which would again apply well to Everything.

Everything2 is a study of the way people associate things, and using the Visual Thesaurus' ThinkMap Engine as a Node Association and Navigation Vehicle would be a Good Thing.

While writing this, i had the thesaurus Auto navigating from ketchup... it led to primary election in twenty steps.

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