From the back of the boxes:

Volume 1: The Inma Ball - From the darkness of the past, Necros and the Lords of her perverted Inma Empire have been reborn. She plans to revive the god Apollo from his ten thousand year slumber and receive his gift of near infinite power - clearing the way for her conquest of Earth. But to awaken Apollo, she must find five extraordinary women...

But the warriors she seeks aren't about to help her. Together, these 19-year-old women are the super battle-team Venus 5 - the holy warriors of Venus and the servants of the goddess Aphrodite - and the only defense against Necros' forces of evil.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered telling these would-be heroines about this. Their liaison with Aphrodite is a lecherous cat who is more concerned with "earthly matters," and their "patron" turns out to be an arrogant airhead who won't be much help! Even though they lack a clear idea of who they're fighting, the Venus 5 will do their best!

Volume 2: Labyrinth of the Inma - After the defeat of Necros and her minions, the 19 year-old members of the Venus 5 Team await the perverted Inma empress' next move. Their questions are soon answered, however, when Necros reappears in a TV interview - as the curator of the exclusive Golden Star Art Galleries! It seems she and her four assistants have put together an extensive collection of Greek and Roman artifacts, including a giant, gold statue of Apollo!

But what they find in the galleries is more than even the Venus 5 team is prepared to handle! The Inma seem to be on the verge of gaining the vast holdings of the Golden Star financial group to use in their bid for world conquest. And even worse, it looks like Necros is one step ahead of the Venus warriors at every turn.

Soon, the Venus warriors are on the run from Necros and her oversexed minions. But even when things seem hopeless, they may yet find a few new allies to help them. But in the end, it looks like Venus Pink and Venus Blue may be the only ones who can stop Necros from resurrecting Apollo and gaining his power!

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