Uvega is a language, which has been around for a while. Some very talented people can speak it oh so fast, while others, ie me, cannot.

it is made up quite simply. A word is split into syllables, let's take the word 'simply'.
the first constanent of the first syllable is put first, then the letters 'uveg' then the rest of the syllable is put after it.
simply would be suvegim pluvegy.

you may have noticed that on the second syllable two constanents are put before 'uveg' this is the case with syllables beginning with cr, ch, pl, pr, th, tr, wh and so on.

if the first letter is a vowel, the just put the whole syllable on the end.

when written, words which have been seperarated into syllables are connected with a hyphen.

hello: huvegel luvego
my name is...: muvegy nuvegame uvegis
how are you?: huvegow uvegare yuvegou?
i love uvega: uvegi luvegove uvega

and so on...

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