Some people have had trouble extracting the binary file from my INDECENT.COM node, so I'm explaining here how to decode base64 using Winzip:

  1. Launch notepad
  2. Copy the base64 encoded block of text from your browser and paste it on the editor window
  3. Save the text file and rename it to indecent.uue
  4. Open the indecent.uue file with WinZip (a double-click should do)
  5. Drag the Unknown.001 file from WinZip to the folder of your choice
  6. Rename Unknown.001 to If a confirmation dialog appears, click on "Yes".
  7. That's it! You can run the game now

When decoding other files (such as exported email messages) WinZip will usually be able to figure out the name of the attachment from the MIME headers. I encoded this one with the Linux uuencode utility, so it didn't get a proper MIME header. My apologies to those who had difficulty saving the file, I hope you like the game.

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