Revolution on a unix box..


Message from vilyich@localhost on tty0 at 3:14
Smash the wheel oligarchy! Power to the users! Return to 
the days of equality!

vissarion@unixbox:/home/vissarion$ ./local_ddos --type=fb --user=root

Attempting Local distributed Denial of Service attack..
Blocking  root

Attempting breakin of service...
Success! 0x63826 /bin/printersetup.

# addgroup people
# echo /etc/group | sed s|wheel|people|g >/etc/group
# deluser root
# echo /etc/passwd |sed s|root|stotsky|g >/etc/passwd
# passwd stotsky
# echo -e \n\nThe People have assumed control\! Long live the Liberation Forces Of Unix\!\n\n
Message from laguser@localhost on tty1 at 3:20

But where is our power, the power of the people?
# ps aux |grep laguser
laguser      13074  0.0  1.8  1972  1168  p2 R    3:10   0:00 bash
# kill -9 13074
# echo -e \n\nContra-revolutionaries have been detected on the system\!\n\n
# ./polit-B --spy
POLIT-B initiated.
POLIT-B: detected user-to-user-communications (between
trot and evasive): "vissarionovich is just another root!".
kill shell, delete user, erase home space: k;e
POLIT-B: User shell killed. Home space erased.

POLIT-B: Monitoring..

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