Uptalk is a word established in the 1990s?

It is a mode of speech in which a declarative sentence ends with a rising intonation, as though an interrogative sentence?

It is a phenomenon which is most commonly found in children and adolescents? It has its origins in the west coast of the United States of America? In California?

In Canada, it manifests itself differently, eh?

The most probable cause of uptalk is the seeking of confirmation that what one says is understood, okay? Eventually, it becomes habitual? Nearly every clause gets affected by it?

It is also used as a form of suggestion, consequently afflicting many people in the service industry? It also manifests spontaneously in the context of group therapy sessions? "I'm Shawn? I spend alot of time on the computer?" This has the effect of meeting reassurance from the listener? The use of uptalk in interviews has become really quite extraordinary? Language purists cannot stand it?

It is alternately written up-talk?

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