Euspelling is word of recent coinage meaning 'good spelling', created by the simple expedient of adding the prefix eu- (meaning 'good') to the word 'spelling'. Uespeling is Euspelling spelled uesing the system of euspelling.

Thee basic idea is that you should spell things as they sound, and if you put an 'e' after a vowl, it makes it long. What makes this soe graet is that now you kan type fonetikalee with a standard keebord.

If yue kuld foloe that, yuer redee for ful skael uespeling. Yuel noetis that thee leters 'x' and 'q' ar noe longer present. This is beekus they ar reedundant. 'C' is oenlee present wen wee need ae 'ch' sawnd.

As yue kan see, this dusnt wurk veree wel. Wut wee reelee need ar sum new vowl simbuls. Ie dont noe abowt yue, but Ie hav ae tendensee tue strech mie vowls intue straeng shaeps wen trie'ing tue reed this stuf owt lowd, and it reelee is ae clumsee hak. Wun grafeem per sownd is thee onlee wae tue goe. (Thee reeformaeshun uv english grafeems is beeyond thee skoep uv this noed, but its sumthing tue wurk on in thee fyutchur).

Noet: In sum kaeses, yue mae hav tue put an 'e' in beetwikst tue uther vowls, in order tue maek thee first vowl long. In this kaes, insert a ' after thee 'e'. Its not perfekt, but itl due. Eksampl: Langue'aj

Werd list
I = Ie
A = Ae
You = Yue
Me = Mee
And = And
At = At
Star Trek = Star Trek
Cat = Kat
City = Sitee
Change = Chaenj

Quick = Kwik
Fox = foks
Fiction = Fikshun
Of = uv
Median = Meedee'an
Heliocentric = Heelee'oesentrik

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