Most commonly found in battle type rifles and even sniper rifles the two stage military trigger can be adjusted to "break" anywhere between 5 to 6 lbs on a battle rifle to less than 2 lbs on a sniper rifle.

The idea is that the trigger mechanism is explicitly engineered to "stage" which is a characteristic which isn't very desirable for close in combat firearms, like pistols and submachineguns but can be very handy for long range shooting.

The first stage of the trigger pull is where most of the trigger pull weight is exerted by the spring and just a fraction of a millimeter before it breaks there is this very short and serene feeling of just about to but not yet and at this point all it takes is for a hair to fall on the trigger and it will fire.

So the idea is you take aim, verify that you indeed want to put say .308" sized holes on this target, very slightly squeeze the trigger but not enough for it to go off, just enough so you can feel the end of stage 1, and then, when you feel it is time, the moment of truth.

Insert high frame rate slow motion action sequence here, preferrably of a third person view of the bullet in flight.

Hey man, nice shot!

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