An extremely basic (but also extremely configurable) window manager included with the basic X distribution. For people on long Gentoo compiles, it can be incredibly useful. Dammit, I'm using the thing right now!

Window borders are basic, and only the color of the titlebar can be changed. On the left hand side is an iconification button, and on the right is a resize button. This is incredibly annoying, but the behaviour of the buttons can be changed in the .twmrc confguration file.

Left clicking on the root window opens up a menu, which allows you to select an action (say, delete (or close, as normal people say it)) move the pointer over a window and click to apply that action. It can also launch programs. Needless to say, using twm is about as pleasurable and fun as shoving your genitals into a woodchipper.

Its one benefit, however, is that it is very-VERY-fast and light. However, anybody who wants that lightness and fastness would do well to go with something more featureful, such as the most wondr'ful WindowMaker.

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