Trolltalk is an interesting phenomenon I stumbled upon, some sort of backdoor currently active in /.. Somehow, it is unaffected by the archiving /. does on its stories after a certain time period. It is also seemingly invicible to being deleted. How it got there, I'm not sure if anyone knows. Quite possibly, it's written into Slashcode itself, considering its current incarnation (see below) has its parent listed as the infamous My personal theory is that some tricky lil sucker submitted a patch, which CmdrTaco, lord of /., unwittingly accepted. You see, he is a patch monger; he begs, pleads, and screams like a two year old who just lost his lolli for patches to Slashcode.

No one ever listens to him, however. Anyone who has seen Slashcode knows it's a mess, and treat it as such.

Trolltalk is used by 14 year-old zealots on slashdot; if you read through all 537 comments of it (and rising), you'll see what I mean.

Oh, and if you do decide to read it, prepare to see the most graphic example of stupidity, hypocrisy, and on occasion, hilarity. While comments vary from the inane (You'll see a lot of the cliche "First Post!"), to the disgusting (ASCII images of the infamous man), on occasion an amusing post will arise. However, if the comment is original, it will soon be duplicated over the pages of /.; eventually, it will become yet another overused cliche. See: In soviet russia!, *bsd is dying, and Father Randy O'day/

However, the majority of the conversation revolves around insulting either Michael, or Vladd. Michael may as well be a troll; instead, he is a /. editor. Valdd, on the other hand, is a troll, who seems to be much hated. I'm not sure why he is.

Take caution when walking into troll territory, and should you decided to post, post anonymously. Otherwise, you'll be forever branded as a troll in the land of /..

You have been warned.


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