A weapon created by the Jjaro in the Marathon Trilogy. The English translation would be "early nova".

The Pfhor, as technological scavengers, only posess a limited number of the device and are unable to create more; consequently, they only dare to deploy it in situations where they have no chance of defeating the enemy. It was famously used to annihilate the Nakh race in their rebellion of c. 3200 BC.

After their Battle Group Seven gave up trying to capture Durandal and his stolen ship in 2811, the Pfhor tried to use the device to destroy the entire Lh'owon system.

They were successful in several timelines, but each time the detonation released one of the chaotic W'rkncacnter that had been imprisoned within the star by the Jjaro — cue end of universe.

Durandal's last words to the Pfhor fleet were, On the Marathon, I saw your stupidity through the lens of victory. And now I see it in defeat. Maybe it is fate that your ignorant pride would unleash this horror and destroy the galaxy.

Eventually, You were able to activate the derelict Jjaro station that was first used to imprison the being, using it to contain the nova and save the universe.

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