The Welsh word tref literally means town and is used in that sense in modern Welsh.

However in a historical context, tref would be more properly understood to refer to a village, and therefore analagous to the English parish or township. Each tref would belong to, and be governed by a specific cwmwd or commote.

Frequently abbreviated to Tre when compounded to create place names such as Trebannws or Tregaron. A similar pattern exists in other Brythonic Celtic languages, namely Cornish and Breton, in which Tre has the same meaning. So that you find a similar pattern of Tre-something place names throughout both Cornwall and Britanny.

Tref (?), a. [Yiddish, fr. Heb. terEphAh an animal torn by wild beasts.]

Ceremonially unclean, according to the Jewish law; -- opposed to kosher.


© Webster 1913

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