The period overlapping the 16- and 32-bit eras, in which a large number of games consoles were released, but few of which achieved much, if any, success. During this time, it was decided that CD-ROM was the way of the future, and 3D was what people were going to want. Virtual reality was in the mass media, and FMV was good attention grabber. Unfortunately, the processing power to deliver such visions was not yet there, and most of these ventures ended in tears. Systems released in this time include the 3DO, Atari Jaguar, FM Towns Marty, NEC PCFX, Neo-Geo CD, Philips CDi, Pioneer LaserActive, Amiga CD32, and TXE MultiSystem. The era was best characterised by the foolish optimism displayed by many of its players. With such a wide variety of systems, it is easy to imagine the market fragmentation that resulted amongst early adopters, while the mainstream chose to stick with the relative safety of Sega or Nintendo. The transition era began around 1993, and came to an end around 1995.

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