transexualism: the condition of crossing over to live full-time in the role of the other sex, with hormonal and surgical sex reassignment [from Latin, trans, across + sexual]. The term signifies a method of treatment and rehabilitation rather than a diagnostic entity. There are different biographical antecedents to sex reassignment, one of which may be paraphilic transvestism (transvestophilia). Transexualism itself is not a paraphilia. Behaviorally, the act of living and passing in the role of the opposite sex, before or after having attained hormonal, surgical, and legal sex reassignment; psychically, the condition of people who have the conviction that they belong to the opposite sex and are driven by a compulsion to have the body, appearance, and social status of the opposite sex. See also gynemimesis; gynemimetophilia; transvestism; transvestophilia.

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