Covert phrase used by ski/snowboard instructors and ski patrollers when discussing non-native visitors to their mountain.
From the root words: tourist & moron.

See: training films

The word "touron" has, by now, become part of the general vocabulary and repertoire of what our benevolent masters refer to as "the hospitality industry". In general, it is applicable to any tourist who distinguishes him or herself from the common herd by an especially grievous display of provincial ignorance about the rest of the world or of extremely bad manners. Also, after a bad day, it is often applied to any and all tourists whatsoever.

Some common uses:

"Did you see that fat fucking touron trying to climb up that mountain? God damn! I thought I'd die laughing!"

"If I hear another touron ask me when the deer change into elk, I'm going to hurt somebody."

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