Being too busy to think happens when you have a desk full of paperwork and robotic routines that need to be followed where there is no hope for creative exploration. Then of course, i get a pile of email stacking up, 3 lovely women concurrently ICQing me, and a request from MSN messenger service to start NetMeeting to chat with a comrade at arms.

This may be good if you're still trying to forget someone, but then, it's also hard to move forward when the invisible tentacles of online life keep you strapped in bondage to the machine. YAY, i don't want to think right now, i want to keep on my focus developing an online community site. I never knew there was so much involved, but it's exciting to not live within creatively induced turmoil

Of course, as I'm not thinking, i forget to eat, oh the kettle is still on the stove!!! damnit, the telephone rings but i don't answer it as it makes multi-tasking more difficult. I can't find my soul in this mess of a life, so i let old disco by D Train play extended in the background, I can't find my MS Office 2000 disc under the laundry towering in my closet. let alone my keys to the office downtown where i should/could have been volunteering my time. All that, then i realize i haven't even posted anything of substance on E2 for over a month. FUQ! ok so if this counts as thinking, it ends right about now as i get back to work on project development plans and monthly sales guesstimates.

I still love you all, even the copyright freaks and goons, i hope you get better soon. I still think about you Danielle, though i'm deep now painting a new shell. Stress is all relative to what it seems, I dont pretend to understand what anything in this world means. Touch my heart and shock me with a start, Stuck sorting phases and pieces of me taken apart, I'm still alive aiming my everything in this life as a carefully centered shot of an invisible dart.

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