Ladies and Gentlemen, what you are about to read may shock and disgust you. Try not to think of the past; only remedy your situation for the future.

I give this partially as a warning to anyone who is too lazy to put down the seat, partially as an informative disquisition -- do with it as you wish.

Lower the lid before you flush.

With every flush of every toilet, a significant cloud is emitted, spraying into the air a fine mist of urine and carrying particles of fecal matter, along with any other nasties that may be hanging around in the commode.

If you don't believe me, drip a few drops of blue food coloring in the pot, hold a white sheet of paper over the top, and flush. You'll see.

The only line of defense you have against the dreaded toilet cloud is to close the lid before you flush. With the lid up, the cloud is free to float up and expands to fill the room, evntually spreading itself a thin layer on any and all exposed surfaces. This includes not only faucets and doorknobs, but also any towels, soap dishes, and toothbrushes you may leave in there.

I told you it was nasty.

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