This week,this year, these nights, these moments, are all going by faster, damn it.I can't prove it, but it is so. Don't you agree? I sit here, late thursday, and I know I can't remember thinking about anything time related since at least last week. Haven't needed to, haven't had time. See?

In fact, apart from things like travel, only certain stable points like halloween, birthday, solstice really anchor (for me) the constant speed of time passing me by.

I hate waiting. I have gotten better, but It sometimes still drives me crazy


( I half jokingly tell myself)

The summer, as it now gets to Seattle stable state, requires a lot of attention. Particularly since Seattlites are utter at the mercy of a summer that may outshine all others, or be consumed again by grey days and rain. Knowing this causes us all to rush, drive fast as to soak up sun, steal time off work as to drink hard and play hard, outside.

It was just monday, now it is friday, and I have spent the week in a rush. computer stuff. which ,increasingly more so, waits for no man. Despite the computer industries awesome speed and power and riches, I rush to it's bidding. Must save time.

Must maximize efficiency, I could be working. Instead I am sinking an anchor in everything, a point to refer to from next week.

I read again today that scientists have pushed a beam of light so fast that it exits a cube before it enters it. That it got me wondering.

The problem with time is not only that we are in a rush.

Consider a newborn baby. The first day of her life, spent, as it must be, discovering the wonderful existence of eyes, ears and lips, is all she has ever lived. This first day is 100% of her life. The second day, not very different, I imagine, is only 50% of her life to date. By the time she’s aged a year, a day is less than half a percent of her life.
The older you get, the smaller the part that each day, week, month and year take of your life. Time doesn’t go faster – it’s life that’s growing shorter.

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