Tiger push ups is a martial arts excercise used for warming up for a session and strengthening. It is a strange looking and more dynamic push up than the traditional one. As with most martial arts techniques, this exercise can be found under different names.

The starting position looks like a triangle. Stand with your feet about two shoulder widths apart. Lean forward and get on all fours while holding about 90 degrees at the waist. Your legs should be straight as well as your back. Your hands should be placed about 1.5 shoulder widths apart. You will need to find out for yourself, the best starting position. Right now your butt should be the highest point. It may look a little funny.

Next, dive down forward such that your face travels towards the floor, across it and up into the air as you push up w/ your arms. You should be in the end postion where your head is the highest part of your body, with your arms straight, supporting your upper body, and your body from the waist down is flat on the floor. Your head will be making a U shaped motion instead of moving up and down perpendicular. Repeat as many as you can.

If by now you are smiling or smirking because you see possible sexually provocative imagery from these tiger push ups, then you are picturing it correctly. Whether this helps you in sex is another matter.

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