*mobile phone rings*


It's late... no... it's too early... "must be international telemarketers"

*phone home rings*

It's the middle of the night, must be serious

Wifey sleeps on the outside, she's closer. I nudge her to get up, she walks to the kitchen and answers the phone.
I hear muffled voices, too loud, need sleep.

She walks back into the bedroom and turns on the light.

It's the middle of the night and wifey is turning on the light, this is definitely serious.

She tells me we have to go to my mother's.
I ask "Why? What's wrong?"
She replies with "do you want me to tell you?"

I reason that she was talking to my mother, meaning that the only reason we're driving there is because of my little brother.

We do not speak, and this is the only time in her life, the wifey doesn't let the tears fall

She cries at the mere mention of Bambi, this is bad

As we drive up the familiar street, I see blinking red and blue lights. I let the tears well up, but none shall fall until I hear it.
I walk in, and white noise takes over... I give my mother a robotic hug and listen to the two police officers, they do their job well, and after explaining what happened, they get a nod from me and leave.

I often wondered how I would react to losing a loved one, I just never thought it would be my little brother. I was prepared for anything but that. I have imagined losing limbs, family, parents, but never this.

I sat down and the white noise took over

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