An alcoholic beverage concocted by my best friend, Lydia Biederman, I feel this belongs in the category of mixed drinks you come up with when you're drunk. It certainly doesn't belong in most people's stomachs. Developed during a night of what Lydia claims was wild debauchery tempered with lots of silliness, the tequila WhatFun! is created by adding the contents of one of the flavour pouches of FunDip candy to an approximately 50/50 mixture of tequila and Mt. Dew, using one of the candy sticks from the FunDip as a swizzle stick. The drink turns a fun colour unless you happen to be the one who gets stuck with the grape powder, in which case it turns a completely unappealing brown. For some reason this abomination seems to go well with Monopoly, especially Star Wars Monopoly. Then again, I may just have Star Wars geeks for friends.

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