Bring with you the strawberries and I promise
To listen to your song.
If the world were a marble, would I finally win the game?
Strike one for me.

Walk into the misfit plane, aye, and there are nine
Of them, did you know?
Pinwheels and raining hail,
Can the lightning make my heart beat again?

Menagerie of lost souls,
Pour it into the cobalt coffin,
Pushing up the daisies and the roses...
Is there any simple laughter?
I'll never understand...
Strike two.

Clicking on the table...
Call your daemons to drag me away and you'd see
That I'll always find my way back again.
Love does that to a person, you know?

And what does a music box mean?
Tingling sensation and I beg you not to go...
And then I saw her drawing a picture or two of you
And I stared into your eyes through that paper...

And then...
All I did,
All I could do...
Whisper from a wiser being...
"Do what you could."

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