I took the green bath this morning.

The green bath is an om. The green bath is an order in this world.

I put it together by accident. Spearmint-scented shampoo and body wash on sale at Ames.
I couldn’t resist.

My standard bath is a mismatch of whatever I’m in the mood for that day. Flower-scented suds and tangerine mists with an herbal conditioner to boot.

The green bath is order. I even found a soft green sponge; a green-handled razor if I happen to feel like shaving. The flavors and colors are in harmony.


The green bath is what I need when everything else seems to be falling apart, and I let it save me. I let myself stop making decisions, as trivial as they may be: which shampoo will be best for my particular hair situation / disaster this morning; what cream will correct my complexion today.

Don’t laugh.

We all have our ways out, and this is mine.

I bet it’s no more ridiculous than yours.

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