I used a sticky note process of what I think is the best. I got started with writing out key idea’s in some squares to build upon. These key ideas are: Size (physical size of work), Recognition (how clear is what you’re depicting), Clean (know what you’re doing, how planned is it in things like composition, etc), Busy (keeps your attention, able to find new things every time one views it, but it isn’t overwhelming, the chaos is controlled)

It’s also important for me that the drawing isn’t trying to hard to say something. It can have a message but allows the viewer to take what they want and the potential to create their own narrative.

Canvas and ink were chosen, because paper did not fit the scale I required, nor is it durable enough at this size. Undoubtedly, ink is a shitty medium to use due to the water repelling tendancies of canvas. It is interesting to struggle with materials that aren't the best choices but you are none the less stuck with. This is how new ideas and practices come about.

Ink's inability for absorption forces a lack of detail relating to the following point.

LARGE, it must be monumental, my idea of the best work I can do, depends on an element of scale and monumentality of the work, even if the work isn’t overly strong, the scale alone can make it better, this is why it’s an element of the best drawing, also, it goes with what I was trying to do with this drawing.

The ink also forced this, I want recognition and clarity in the work which cannot be achieved with a medium that is as volatile as this. It's like trying to measure flowing water with a micrometer.

Style of drawing: This is the best way of drawing because no one can make a perfect drawing, everything will always be a little off, it is nearly impossible to make a drawing that is perfect. There are several lines everywhere, because one of the many is bound to be closer to what would proportionally exist as accurate, which is even harder to achieve than normal due to the scale of the work.

I need the work to vibrate and remain actively busy.

The characters presented in the drawing must be animate, and feel like they possess the ability to move and flow, in my opinion of the best drawing, the viewer is able to engage with the drawing and can be swept up in the moment.

Also, it’s important to break my own rules.

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