In the 90s, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, an insane genius -- whose name shall not be spoken here - and his beautiful girlfriend -- likewise -- ran an underground restaurant called the Hunger Hut out of their apartment in a semi-run-down area close to downtown. Mr Hut made what he wanted; if he didn't like your order he'd make you something else instead. In fact, if he didn't want to let you in at all, he just wouldn't -- you had to be brought by someone who was already a 'member', a reasonable precaution. The food was always amazing, the music was always fantastic, the ambiance was totally illegal-beatnik-diner (complete with booths and shiny walls). Keanu Reeves was brought there when he came to Winnipeg to try scraping up some cred by performing Hamlet on stage. One of the members of Green Day wore a Hunger Hut t-shirt during the photo shoot for their first Rolling Stone cover story.

Eventually they went legit, and opened a restaurant downtown on the edge of the arty district. Never mind Twin Peaks, this was the home of the greatest pies ever created by humankind. The food was usually better than before, they had a great pinball machine, and the hours served night owls.

It couldn't last, of course; they stayed open for a year or two, sold the place, and drifted off into the sunset.

But I've heard rumours...

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