test post please ignore is one of the best known Reddit comments of all time and was #1 of all time on Reddit for over 6 years with 21898 upvotes. It was posted by Redditor /u/qgyh2 in the default subreddit /r/pics, it received Reddit Gold five times.

Redditors refusal to do what this poster requested (ignore the post) took on a life of its own as they were determined to make this top post of all time.

The highest rated comment within this post is:

Don't tell me what to do! Upvoted.

this comment had 6344 upvotes itself, which is a very large number of upvotes even to this day.

the response to the above comment was:

This must become the highest rated test post of all time.

Later edited with the following:

Edit: Holy fuck, I think we did it.

Hilarity ensued as they set out to make this the TOP POST of all time and refused to accept the OPs (original posters) request to ignore the post. They kept a running tally of how many upvotes it had recieved throughout the day and into the night. They celebrated with " WE DID IT REDDIT" comments as they achieved their goal of making "test post please ignore" #1 of all time.

This post created a meme frequently used, even to this day, on Reddit (perhaps elsewhere?) "test comment please ignore" - "test idea please ignore" etc.

This post has been seen by millions and referenced thousands of times

You can find the post and the comments within here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/92dd8/test_post_please_ignore/?sort=top

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